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I.... have a lot of feelings. And a lot of things to tell you. But here is the important part.

1) I did NOT get into a random flamewar over nothing in someone elses journal, even if they were Wrong On The Internet And In Real Life. Gold star for me.

2) [livejournal.com profile] katieupsidedown and I are drinking and watching Iron Man 1. We are drinking every time Tony drinks, and assuming all his coffees are Irish.

OH PHIL COULSON. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR CRAPPY SUITS. Also, I've been reading too much fic (OR JUST ENOUGH?!!) and during the charity ball, during the Pepper/Tony dance scene, it randomly cuts to Phil's face watching them sternly, and I'm defs going to a pre-threesome place. PHIL I LOVE YOUUUUUU. /feelings
  Next time we do this, I'm liveblogging all my Feelings. Also, we're drinking absinthe/other straight(ish) liquor, apparently. There's an option on the second one, for the purposes of getting wasted during the party scene, if we can still work the DVD player at that point. You're all invited.

3) I am just the correct amount of a little bit drunk. It is super-good for me.

4) My job is a thing.

+ I am for once, almost a morning person. Getting up at 5am every morning for a month will do that to you.
+ I am getting better and better at time management.
+ I am better at being kind to myself in terms of eating mostly properly and sleeping enough.
+ I actually get ready for the next day the night before.
+ I am working so much that I have 3.6 weeks (and counting) of unofficial time off.

- I haven't looked at tumblr in over a month.
- I go to bed at 9pm almost every night.
- I've been out like twice in the past 2 months.
- I have no idea what the internet is up to.
- I have no idea what the world is up to, including any sort of news or politics, as I get all of my news via tumblr/LJ/fandom/social media.
- I haven't looked at twitter in like 3 months.
- I'm tired a lot. It makes me cranky a lot. It leave me no time to do anything, from fandom, to laundry, to my craft projects, to that fucking manuscript that I'm supposed to be writing. All of this really frustrates me.


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