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I have ... very little to report?

1. [community profile] slashreport started up again, which is lovely and delightful as always. I was laughing hysterically at my desk listening to the Hobbit episode.

2. Revenge is melodramatic and lovely as always. I always appreciate it, even when it's duuuuuumb.

2a. I did have a bit of a moment with the Nolan/Padma storyline where I thought they were going to have the very smart, very savvy computer genius do something really fucking stupid, but they didn't. And as always, MOAR Nolan is a good thing.

2b. I still give no fucks about the Emanda/That British Dude storyline/relationship/whatever. They have little to no chemistry, and the way they are playing Emanda's emotional vulnerability and their relationship dynamics is not convincing me.

2c. Also, whatever charm Jack Porter used to hold has pretty much disappeared. He is the classic 'does dumb shit to move the plot along' character, and I have a hard time engaging emotionally with that.

3. I have gone into some sort of psychotic housekeeping mode over the last few months, which means I appreciate the Unfuck Your Habitat approach to housekeeping more and more every day, and also, I've been cooking up several storms.

3a. Smitten Kitchen's Gnocchi recipe is the one I've been using faithfully for making The Cutting Edge of Ordinary's Baked Gnocchi and Cheese (aka mac and cheese but with gnocchi). I've made it twice now and it is greaaaaate.

3b. I still don't know how to pronounce 'gnocchi'.

3c. The Jezebel writeup of No-Knead Refrigerator Bread is the best writeup, and super 100% accurate. It is my new favorite. I've been through almost 2 batches (aka 5 loaves) of homemade bread and I never want to go back. It's especially great for the yeast bread challenged (like me) because the instructions go something like: Mix this stuff. Let it get kinda big. Refrigerate. Bake. A THING ANYONE CAN DO. Note: Reduce the salt. The amount they call for is just this side of too much. I like 1Tbs.

3d. And lastly, I feel like I've pretty well mastered the Smitten Kitchen Lasagna Bolognese and it is my faaaaaaaavorite. It doesn't count as a last minute go-to to impress (takes a good 2 days to put together), but it definitely impresses. NOM.

so... What are you guys up to?


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