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I finally remembered the thing I was going to post about. I know you are super excited! I got a new Diva Cup! That is, a new medical-grade silicone menstrual cup! I've been using the same Diva Cup since ~2006, and I decided it was time for a replacement. About 7 years out of one $35 cup? At 25 days per cycle that's ~102 periods working out to ~$0.34 per period! Or ~$0.07 per day of bleeding! Good job self!

They have definitely redesigned the cups a time to two since I bought mine. It is now made of a much softer more pliable silicone, which makes it a lot easier to get in. The part where is is a little less smooth in texture concerns me a bit. They've also made the holes at the rim (the bits that create the little bit of suction that holds it in palace) much larger and thus easier to clean. I really appreciate that part. They also made the stem/handle thingie much softer and unobtrusive. I don't think I'll have to trim it off this one.

Hilariously, their recommendation has changed from "you can keep using it for years!" to "you can do what you want, but we have to recommend replacement after one year now for liability reasons". We will see how well the new one holds up, but I'm gunning for at least another 5! They now also really want you to buy their special soap 'to prevent irritation' and the list of non-recommended things is hilariously long and covered in things I've used to clean my cup multiple times. I guess people suck at rinsing soap off? Or they need another revenue stream? IDK guys, my castille soap or non-antibacterial dish soap seem to have done the trick.

Anywho. Consider this an open post. If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer any questions about menstrual cups!


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