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I finally got off my ass and took my comforter and its cover to the laundromat. And then I brought it home and stripped my bed and put on clean sheets to go with my clean comforter! I don't think you guys understand how much I love clean bedding. Like. A LOT.
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I have ... very little to report?

1. [community profile] slashreport started up again, which is lovely and delightful as always. I was laughing hysterically at my desk listening to the Hobbit episode.

2. Revenge is melodramatic and lovely as always. I always appreciate it, even when it's duuuuuumb.

2a. I did have a bit of a moment with the Nolan/Padma storyline where I thought they were going to have the very smart, very savvy computer genius do something really fucking stupid, but they didn't. And as always, MOAR Nolan is a good thing.

2b. I still give no fucks about the Emanda/That British Dude storyline/relationship/whatever. They have little to no chemistry, and the way they are playing Emanda's emotional vulnerability and their relationship dynamics is not convincing me.

2c. Also, whatever charm Jack Porter used to hold has pretty much disappeared. He is the classic 'does dumb shit to move the plot along' character, and I have a hard time engaging emotionally with that.

3. I have gone into some sort of psychotic housekeeping mode over the last few months, which means I appreciate the Unfuck Your Habitat approach to housekeeping more and more every day, and also, I've been cooking up several storms.

3a. Smitten Kitchen's Gnocchi recipe is the one I've been using faithfully for making The Cutting Edge of Ordinary's Baked Gnocchi and Cheese (aka mac and cheese but with gnocchi). I've made it twice now and it is greaaaaate.

3b. I still don't know how to pronounce 'gnocchi'.

3c. The Jezebel writeup of No-Knead Refrigerator Bread is the best writeup, and super 100% accurate. It is my new favorite. I've been through almost 2 batches (aka 5 loaves) of homemade bread and I never want to go back. It's especially great for the yeast bread challenged (like me) because the instructions go something like: Mix this stuff. Let it get kinda big. Refrigerate. Bake. A THING ANYONE CAN DO. Note: Reduce the salt. The amount they call for is just this side of too much. I like 1Tbs.

3d. And lastly, I feel like I've pretty well mastered the Smitten Kitchen Lasagna Bolognese and it is my faaaaaaaavorite. It doesn't count as a last minute go-to to impress (takes a good 2 days to put together), but it definitely impresses. NOM.

so... What are you guys up to?
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I just found out that someone ganked my default icon, which I made myself, and didn't even bother to give me credit. I always thought it was super-dumb that people were so possessive of their icons, but all of a sudden, I kinda get it. It might have been better if they gave me credit, as I'm pretty sure this icon represents the pinnacle of my MAD photoshop Skillz and I'm actually quite proud of it. And I KNOW that it's a stupid freaking LJ icon, of all things, SO NOT A BIG DEAL. But really, I'm just pretty irritated. I MADE THIS FOR ME. NOT FOR SHARSIES. I AM A UNIQUE AND SPECIAL SNOWFLAKEICON /toddler
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Today is a really exciting day. Today, [livejournal.com profile] katieupsidedown and I get (foster) kitties! But that doesn't happen until Katie brings them home tonight.

Until then, I get to go to work.

Instead of working, I finally figured out a thing I've seen circulating, which is "Who Google Things You Are", which I kept hearing about, but never with any sort of explanation or link. Finally, I know all about it!

And here's the maybe-cool thing: Google? Doesn't think I'm anyone. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say it doesn't know anything about me. My interests? Blank. Demographics? None.

\o/? I mean, it probably knows that all 20 of my gmail addresses are a single person. And it probably, in some deep dark server somewhere knows something about who I am and what I'm interested in. But publicly? Nada.

So anyway. Thanks, Ghostery! And probably also thanks to Adblock Plus. They individually and combined do break my internet sometimes, but now seem more than worth it.

ETA: I use Ghostery on Firefox all the time, but don't have it on my ipod (obviously) where I am a 25-34 yr old Male with an intrest in Games - Puzzles & Brainteasers.

In Chrome, I have the same demographics, but with an interest in:

Computers & Electronics - Computer Security
Computers & Electronics - Software - Internet Software - Internet Clients & Browsers
Internet & Telecom - Web Apps & Online Tools
Online Communities - File Sharing & Hosting
Sports - Individual Sports - Running & Walking

ok then.
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THING 1: INVITE CODES YAYE. Apparently there are bunches of ppl who want them these days? Help yourself, commenting appreciated as I will strike them off as they get used.


THING 2: If you a) regularly x-post between DW and LJ and b) I'm reading you in both places and c) you have ticked the ticky that provides the link the the post on LJ, I may be filtering you on LJ soon as it gets really hard to keep track of how far back I've read. Here is also a really A++ time to tell me what/were your DW journal is, if you are down with me reading it.

THING 3: Because I am a stalking stalker who stalksreally bored all the time, I like reading ALL THE COMMENTS. It makes me happy, okay. To enable me, you can do this nifty thing on DW where it provides a link to the x-posted site. It is under "Account Settings" --> "Other Sites" and the relevant ticky box is called "Display Crosspost Link". I know how you love ticky boxes, you know you want to!

While writing THING 2, I thought of a 4th thing, but then forgot it while I had to shut down and restart Firefox. Maybe it was about how I was away for over a month and haven't updated with beach pictures? It is coming, I know you are EXCITE. Also, if anyone knows of a job, shitty or otherwise for me to have in the Austin area, I am ALL EARS. Also, if someone wants to tell me why I keep procrastinating writing cover letters to jobs I would really like to have, I would also appreciate that info as well.
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I know a lot of us are chronic late-night internetters, so I thought I'd post about this nifty little program.

F.lux [...] makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.

Theoretically, this could help remind your body that it is night time, which is for sleeping, not daytime, and several people have reported positive results w/r/t stopping staying up till all hours on the computer.

(via [profile] ryda_wong here)


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