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I just found out that someone ganked my default icon, which I made myself, and didn't even bother to give me credit. I always thought it was super-dumb that people were so possessive of their icons, but all of a sudden, I kinda get it. It might have been better if they gave me credit, as I'm pretty sure this icon represents the pinnacle of my MAD photoshop Skillz and I'm actually quite proud of it. And I KNOW that it's a stupid freaking LJ icon, of all things, SO NOT A BIG DEAL. But really, I'm just pretty irritated. I MADE THIS FOR ME. NOT FOR SHARSIES. I AM A UNIQUE AND SPECIAL SNOWFLAKEICON /toddler
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If I ever have something terrible happen to me? Please please please do not ever say 'everything happens for a reason' to me. Please. Because I will want to punch you in the face. Or even if I have something great happen to me. Just never say anything that means that to me ever.

In other news, I just saw wank on a kinkmeme where someone wanted an author to warn for het. *headdesk* x infinity. /o\ Srsly, the actual fuck? And there was another thing where someone commented to an anon author about the 'quality declining' on their fill. WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?! Apparently, the Suits kinkmeme is full of assholes. Which, come to think of it, shouldn't surprise me quite that much as my impression from a lot of the fic is that is is a semi-young and/or first-fandom fandom for many people. But still. /o\

In other other news, if you are into Suits fic, I would like to recommend [archiveofourown.org profile] Closer. The Pizza-verse is incredibly charming, and gives me multiple POV's, including an outsider POV, which is one of my all-time favorite things. Floor 37 is also pretty great. I am also a sucker for sekrit identity fic. \o/

And I feel like I've linked this before, but I can't find it, so if you like Gundam Wing, or Stargate, or crossovers, you should totally read Upon A Fiery Steed by Vathara. The Gundam-universe is a bit more drastically AU than the Stargate, but I love how she's meshed the two together, and I LOVE what she's done with GW. I could read ALL THE FIC in that universe. Tragically, there isn't any more, but it does re-read very well for me.


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