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I have a quarter-sized round bruise right in the middle of my jawbone. W.T.F. I cannot think of a single thing that could have caused an amazingly purple bruise to show up right on my jawbone. It had to have happened yesterday, because I actually thought it was a giant cystic pimple trying to show up, so I put some peroxide on it and went to bed, and it turned purple over night and keeps getting MORE PURPLE. This is especially great as I am supposed to meet people from my code bootcamp on Thursday evening, and ... awkward first impression? IDK, you guys. Also, I'm really not good enough at makeup to successfully conceal it.
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I finally remembered the thing I was going to post about. I know you are super excited! I got a new Diva Cup! That is, a new medical-grade silicone menstrual cup! I've been using the same Diva Cup since ~2006, and I decided it was time for a replacement. About 7 years out of one $35 cup? At 25 days per cycle that's ~102 periods working out to ~$0.34 per period! Or ~$0.07 per day of bleeding! Good job self!

They have definitely redesigned the cups a time to two since I bought mine. It is now made of a much softer more pliable silicone, which makes it a lot easier to get in. The part where is is a little less smooth in texture concerns me a bit. They've also made the holes at the rim (the bits that create the little bit of suction that holds it in palace) much larger and thus easier to clean. I really appreciate that part. They also made the stem/handle thingie much softer and unobtrusive. I don't think I'll have to trim it off this one.

Hilariously, their recommendation has changed from "you can keep using it for years!" to "you can do what you want, but we have to recommend replacement after one year now for liability reasons". We will see how well the new one holds up, but I'm gunning for at least another 5! They now also really want you to buy their special soap 'to prevent irritation' and the list of non-recommended things is hilariously long and covered in things I've used to clean my cup multiple times. I guess people suck at rinsing soap off? Or they need another revenue stream? IDK guys, my castille soap or non-antibacterial dish soap seem to have done the trick.

Anywho. Consider this an open post. If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer any questions about menstrual cups!
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I finally got off my ass and took my comforter and its cover to the laundromat. And then I brought it home and stripped my bed and put on clean sheets to go with my clean comforter! I don't think you guys understand how much I love clean bedding. Like. A LOT.
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I have ... very little to report?

1. [community profile] slashreport started up again, which is lovely and delightful as always. I was laughing hysterically at my desk listening to the Hobbit episode.

2. Revenge is melodramatic and lovely as always. I always appreciate it, even when it's duuuuuumb.

2a. I did have a bit of a moment with the Nolan/Padma storyline where I thought they were going to have the very smart, very savvy computer genius do something really fucking stupid, but they didn't. And as always, MOAR Nolan is a good thing.

2b. I still give no fucks about the Emanda/That British Dude storyline/relationship/whatever. They have little to no chemistry, and the way they are playing Emanda's emotional vulnerability and their relationship dynamics is not convincing me.

2c. Also, whatever charm Jack Porter used to hold has pretty much disappeared. He is the classic 'does dumb shit to move the plot along' character, and I have a hard time engaging emotionally with that.

3. I have gone into some sort of psychotic housekeeping mode over the last few months, which means I appreciate the Unfuck Your Habitat approach to housekeeping more and more every day, and also, I've been cooking up several storms.

3a. Smitten Kitchen's Gnocchi recipe is the one I've been using faithfully for making The Cutting Edge of Ordinary's Baked Gnocchi and Cheese (aka mac and cheese but with gnocchi). I've made it twice now and it is greaaaaate.

3b. I still don't know how to pronounce 'gnocchi'.

3c. The Jezebel writeup of No-Knead Refrigerator Bread is the best writeup, and super 100% accurate. It is my new favorite. I've been through almost 2 batches (aka 5 loaves) of homemade bread and I never want to go back. It's especially great for the yeast bread challenged (like me) because the instructions go something like: Mix this stuff. Let it get kinda big. Refrigerate. Bake. A THING ANYONE CAN DO. Note: Reduce the salt. The amount they call for is just this side of too much. I like 1Tbs.

3d. And lastly, I feel like I've pretty well mastered the Smitten Kitchen Lasagna Bolognese and it is my faaaaaaaavorite. It doesn't count as a last minute go-to to impress (takes a good 2 days to put together), but it definitely impresses. NOM.

so... What are you guys up to?


Oct. 31st, 2012 12:06 pm
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Or rather, I just found out that he's on tour right now, and is in fact coming here, and I just bought me a ticket!!! EXCITE EXCITE
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I.... have a lot of feelings. And a lot of things to tell you. But here is the important part.

1) I did NOT get into a random flamewar over nothing in someone elses journal, even if they were Wrong On The Internet And In Real Life. Gold star for me.

2) [livejournal.com profile] katieupsidedown and I are drinking and watching Iron Man 1. We are drinking every time Tony drinks, and assuming all his coffees are Irish.

FEELINGS ) Next time we do this, I'm liveblogging all my Feelings. Also, we're drinking absinthe/other straight(ish) liquor, apparently. There's an option on the second one, for the purposes of getting wasted during the party scene, if we can still work the DVD player at that point. You're all invited.

3) I am just the correct amount of a little bit drunk. It is super-good for me.

4) My job is a thing. A big, time-suck of a thing )
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Today is a really exciting day. Today, [livejournal.com profile] katieupsidedown and I get (foster) kitties! But that doesn't happen until Katie brings them home tonight.

Until then, I get to go to work.

Instead of working, I finally figured out a thing I've seen circulating, which is "Who Google Things You Are", which I kept hearing about, but never with any sort of explanation or link. Finally, I know all about it!

And here's the maybe-cool thing: Google? Doesn't think I'm anyone. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say it doesn't know anything about me. My interests? Blank. Demographics? None.

\o/? I mean, it probably knows that all 20 of my gmail addresses are a single person. And it probably, in some deep dark server somewhere knows something about who I am and what I'm interested in. But publicly? Nada.

So anyway. Thanks, Ghostery! And probably also thanks to Adblock Plus. They individually and combined do break my internet sometimes, but now seem more than worth it.

ETA: I use Ghostery on Firefox all the time, but don't have it on my ipod (obviously) where I am a 25-34 yr old Male with an intrest in Games - Puzzles & Brainteasers.

In Chrome, I have the same demographics, but with an interest in:

Computers & Electronics - Computer Security
Computers & Electronics - Software - Internet Software - Internet Clients & Browsers
Internet & Telecom - Web Apps & Online Tools
Online Communities - File Sharing & Hosting
Sports - Individual Sports - Running & Walking

ok then.

RL update

Dec. 19th, 2011 10:26 pm
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1. I fixed my bike, all by my self, and I'm very proud of myself. technical details that no one cares about )

2. There is a stray/lost/abandoned cat that has adopted my apartment complex. If anyone wants the friendliest cat in creation, he(?) is here for the taking. It looks like he has a bit of hair loss on the tips of his ears, but otherwise appears to be in great health. He really really just wants someone to love him. If anyone knows anyone in the Austin/Dallas/Houston area who is interested in a cat, please let me know.

3. I got the craft table I wanted, for $50 instead of $180, so I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself. I think I'm going to try and find some wheels for it, because that shit is HEAVY. Now I just need to sell my kitchen table and my desk and I'm all set for moving (besides the packing, don't mention the packing).
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This entry was going to be called MONIES HOW DO THEY WORK but then my laptop decided to not boot and I about had a heart attack. It would go like it was going to load the BIOS, and just. Hang. Granted, I didn't just let it sit there for a long time, but I was busy FREAKING OUT. I took almost everything apart, and tried again and no dice. So I went to bed and googled furiously.

This morning, the BIOS decided to behave itself, but it was cranking at me about the amount of memory having changed and still wouldn't boot windows. /o\ But this morning's googling yielded excellent results about resetting the BIOS (typically needed because someone set a BIOS password and then forgot what it was). To do so, you just need to pull the all power including the inner battery (the one that looks like a watch battery) for 5 minutes, and VOILA. BIOS loaded, windows booted, including my hibernation (hibernated?) session, THERE WAS GREAT REJOICING.

The thing I was going to write about... MONEY (and taxes and being a commie socialist) )
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I've randomly had to use the campus computers at work, and omg TECH LUST. They are so fast! LIKE LIGHTENING! I am definitely going all out on my next computer purchase. Fuck this 'medium ok' shit. I WANT ALL THE SPEED.
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Things that are officially disgusting: 'sour cream' that has 12 ingredients in it (I counted).

Things that are even more disgusting: the actual sour cream that has 1 ingredient? costs nearly twice what the 'sour cream' does. *weeps forever*

Also, the 'sour cream' tastes disgusting, but that might be me just being a food snob.

In related food snobbery, there is this great little potato chip company back home that used to make these amazing 'old-fashioned' potato chips that were fried in peanut oil. Holy fuck they were good. Tragically, they stopped making those and their current old-fashioned line is not as good, though they do still make a 'kettle-cooked' chip that is nice and thick and crunchy, but they just aren't the same. And now I live in the land of ALL TORTILLA ALL THE TIME NO POTATO FOR YOU LOSER chips, and while they are indeed delicious, there is nothing like a nice potato chip in onion sour cream dip, and all my potato options down here are decidedly sub-par and fucking expensive to boot.

My life = so hard.

This post is brought to you by the fact that I forgot to pack a fork and thus could not eat half of my lunch today.
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As a whole, I find the concept of the TED talks a bit ridiculous/patronizing/so 1.0, but on an individual basis, they do end up quite interesting, at least in the moment I'm watching them.

Education, group learning, fandom collective action, creativity and inspiration! You know you want to read it )

Tenuously related to the above, I want to briefly pimp ItunesU/Open Courseware/etc. While a lot of the most popular stuff is geared toward computer education, there are a TON of college classes FREE over a very wide array of subjects (including languages), and they are kind of fun and useful. In my dreamiest of dreams, there would be a fandom com dedicated to 'taking' classes together, because I am a gigantic nerd like that. I'm currently watching an intro computer science course from Stanford (Programming Methodology, if anyone cares), and the prof is very engaging, if nothing else.


And on a slightly administrative note, I wrote a brief and completely incomplete overview of using RSS readers to substitute for the old Delicious Network page. If that is a thing any of you want to do and you have any questions or run into problems, I cannot promise to be able to answer them at all, but I will do my best to help!

In personal news, I'm going to start 'volunteering' at my theoretical job either Friday or Monday (and I have to spend the intervening time giving myself a pep talks about having a concrete money conversation no matter how much I don't want to) and build up some serious off-record vacation time. I will use this vacation time to take off some extra time over the holidays and most importantly, most of the SXSW week. *\o/*
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I feel like a Ninja Bad-ass, but also kind of like a dumbfuck, because I managed to fuck up so many bill payments this month, particularly on my credit cards.

Most of you guys (hopefully) know this already, but just in case: If you are ever charged a late fee, particularly on a credit card, especially on a credit card you usually pay on time and in full, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS call and ask them to waive the late fee. I did it for a new card I just got that is going to eventually give me $60 credit to the GAP (I'll have spent ~$30 all told), after which I am going to cancel it, and I somehow managed to convince myself that I had scheduled my AmEx payment, without actually doing so. For the GAP card, the first lady I talked to was able to waive it, but for the AmEx card, the first dude was not able to do it, but offered to connect me to a supervisor, who then instantly was able to waive the fee. \o/ If you have a less-good payment history, you might have to be a little more convincing/have some sort of sob story/have a really good argument or reason, but it is always worth trying, especially if you've never asked before.

So, I saved myself $50 in about 20 minutes, and that feels pretty good, even if I shouldn't have had to if I'd been paying attention.

Oh, and if you're having trouble getting a human? Just mash the zero button until the machine gives in. And if that still doesn't work, google 'get a human [company name]', and there are websites that collect the phone numbers that actually connect you to a human who can help you, instead of those endless phone trees that go nowhere.
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this is my practicing posting. aaaaand, go.

1. I semi-accidentally got a nice drunk on tonight. Science!Stephanie texted me from her sisters phone about getting drinks tonight, so I skipped driving super-far south to pick up some metal shelves for putting plants on (fucking traffic in this city, my god), and we did. They ordered the sampler platter, so we all ate Queso ESPECIAL (ie, with guac in it), and I drank a Mexican Martini (ie a whole shaker full of delicious delicious margarita) and life is feeling pretty great.

2. I have been watching WAY TOO MUCH HOARDERS. things that will convince yourself that you are, in fact, a hoarder = watching that show. But to be serious for a second, my Dad is legit a hoarder, and my Mom is really sentimental and big on keeping family heirlooms and works full time and thus not super on top of the whole cleaning gig, so bad habits, I HAVE THEM ALL. /o\

3. I was all set to be Super Accomplishing Things Girl, but then the office that I needed to visit on campus was closed from noon to close this afternoon, so what the fuck ever. But I did mail the two old text books that I'm selling, so that was good. monday. THEM.

4. The kitty is as sweet and squishy as ever. I was trying to cuddle her earlier, but she was having none of it. But she is sleeping now.... \o/ KITTY ACHIEVED. She really is the softest kitty ever. She also carries her toys around in her mouth like a puppy, and it is the cutest thing.

5. I am having a hard time just going to Goodwill/similar and just dumping off a bunch of clothing, along with the other bullshit I know I don't want. I am currently considering a quilt of some sort. Also, being less crazy about clothing I never wear, but whatevs. A quilt of some sort it is! I really do have a TON of fabric to work with.

6. I have finally acquired the right kind of starch to make THIS recipe. I've made them from a box before (DELICIOUS), but if I can make them from scratch, EVEN BETTER. I was going to try them tonight, but see #1 for why I have decided that is not the greatest idea. Also, the mini food processor that I trashpicked is still covered in soap from a few days ago when I made more laundry detergent (yes, I have a hippy/housekeeping/crafty/feminist blog that I never update. one day, it will be the basis for my etsy store blog, but that is a ways off as well).

I had forgotten how fucking *CHEAP* everything at the Mexican grocery store. The Avocados were $.40 each. I'm semi-positive that's cheaper that I've ever gotten them at my usual store. Granted, they are a) possibly smaller and b) possibly more unripe and c) possibly on super-sale, but still.

7. In addition to watching ALL THE HOARDERS, I have been watching ALL THE SUITS. Also, reading ALL THE FIC. I mostly really really enjoy it (Banter!), but also sort of really hate some of the things they are doing. Is it really wrong of me that I really hope that***Spoiler*** )

8. Speaking of Suits fic, there is a lot of 'kinkfic', which makes sense given the dynamic we see between Harvey and Mike, so so much if it is so bad! And not in a 'throbbing manhood' way, or 'this is unreadable' way or anything like that. It is in a way where I read the fic, and then after reading the super hot porn, I am left with this slightly uncomfortable feeling, and after a little while, I realize that it is uncomfortable because that was not so much hot porn as 'sex that was kind of kinky that happened in the context of an abusive relationship', and I'm not quite sure the author realizes that is what they wrote. /o\ My kingdom for non-abusive relationship fic (kinky or otherwise)! I mean, I get that this is probably a function of it being a pretty young fandom, but yarg. Kinda super uncomfortable.

9. Speaking of nothing in particular. Project Runway! Wow. This show has gone so far downhill, I'm not even sure it is the same show. I hate a select few of the contestants this season, and I am largely indifferent to pretty much every one else, except Tim Gunn, who continues to do no wrong. I hope he is making bank off this and can soon retire to the location of his choosing with the company of his choosing, as he sees fit. Or just keep making the how, IDK. Also, I hate Michael Kors with every passing second. BE MOAR SMUG, I DARE YOU. OH WAIT. NOT. POSSIBLE. YOU ARE ALREADY 100% MADE OF SMUG AND CONDESCENDING BULLSHIT. Just. All the clothing is so incredibly dull, for the most part. I remember much more exciting things, but maybe I am just remembering Mr. Fierce himself and all of his glorious creations. And speaking as a person who has the exact wrong personality for reality TV, but why is everyone both so boring and so petty? They're all like these little cardboard cutouts who make little cardboard cut out clothing, except for the rare instance where they actually seem to be inspired and make something good. But I'm going to keep watching it. Probably so I can keep bitching about it, if only inside my own head.

10. BURN NOTICE. God you guys. This show is kind of in the slump that shows get after they've been on the air for a few seasons, but god I still love it. I love Michael's dry dry humor, and complete incompetence when it comes to actual relationships that are not based on getting a mojito/beer with someone, and I am completely content with this state of affairs. I will watch everything this ridiculous show does, forever. Also everyone should write Burn Notice xovers. And fic in general. And slash about how Michael and Sam are BFF.
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because I am awesome, i managed to lose my phone out of my back pocket while biking this afternoon, despite biking all over creation with it there. so catch me via email/twitter/comments here if you need to get in touch for whatever reason.
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About a year ago, I took the 'grownup' step of actually buying some fucking makeup and learning how to fucking use it. I started out with the trial kits at everyday minerals, and happily used the trial sizes for freaking 4EVA. This time around, I finally sprung for the big kid size of the two things that I use the most, and then went wild on the 'eye colors' section.

I am now the proud owner of SPARKLY EYE MAKEUP. I think you are supposed to use it as a shadow, but eff that noise. Sparkly eyeliner ALL THE WAY. Since it is just a powder and you apply it with a damp brush, I'm not too sure how well it will stand up to a night of fun, but SPARKLES! My favorite so far is a nice sparkly dark green, but I also got a basic black, and there is a gray one with shimmer and a blue.

Now I just have to figure out what a person does with a 'crease brush'.

IDK when I got so excited about this stuff, you guys.

Dear MCR

Sep. 22nd, 2010 04:39 pm
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xoxo, me

In case you were wondering, yes. This journal will now consist entirely of lovenotes to My Chemical Romance.

I played NaNa(Na?) for my labmate (the non-shitty one), and she loved it. I am now going to give her ALL THE MCR and indoctrinate her! She likes Lady Gaga too, so I think some Adam Lambert and Ladytron would also go a long way.


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