Nov. 4th, 2011 08:54 pm
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You guys. I am really tired all the time, and there is a 99.9% chance that it is because I am terrible at self care.

But whatevs, let me tell you about Project Runway! \o/

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this is my practicing posting. aaaaand, go.

1. I semi-accidentally got a nice drunk on tonight. Science!Stephanie texted me from her sisters phone about getting drinks tonight, so I skipped driving super-far south to pick up some metal shelves for putting plants on (fucking traffic in this city, my god), and we did. They ordered the sampler platter, so we all ate Queso ESPECIAL (ie, with guac in it), and I drank a Mexican Martini (ie a whole shaker full of delicious delicious margarita) and life is feeling pretty great.

2. I have been watching WAY TOO MUCH HOARDERS. things that will convince yourself that you are, in fact, a hoarder = watching that show. But to be serious for a second, my Dad is legit a hoarder, and my Mom is really sentimental and big on keeping family heirlooms and works full time and thus not super on top of the whole cleaning gig, so bad habits, I HAVE THEM ALL. /o\

3. I was all set to be Super Accomplishing Things Girl, but then the office that I needed to visit on campus was closed from noon to close this afternoon, so what the fuck ever. But I did mail the two old text books that I'm selling, so that was good. monday. THEM.

4. The kitty is as sweet and squishy as ever. I was trying to cuddle her earlier, but she was having none of it. But she is sleeping now.... \o/ KITTY ACHIEVED. She really is the softest kitty ever. She also carries her toys around in her mouth like a puppy, and it is the cutest thing.

5. I am having a hard time just going to Goodwill/similar and just dumping off a bunch of clothing, along with the other bullshit I know I don't want. I am currently considering a quilt of some sort. Also, being less crazy about clothing I never wear, but whatevs. A quilt of some sort it is! I really do have a TON of fabric to work with.

6. I have finally acquired the right kind of starch to make THIS recipe. I've made them from a box before (DELICIOUS), but if I can make them from scratch, EVEN BETTER. I was going to try them tonight, but see #1 for why I have decided that is not the greatest idea. Also, the mini food processor that I trashpicked is still covered in soap from a few days ago when I made more laundry detergent (yes, I have a hippy/housekeeping/crafty/feminist blog that I never update. one day, it will be the basis for my etsy store blog, but that is a ways off as well).

I had forgotten how fucking *CHEAP* everything at the Mexican grocery store. The Avocados were $.40 each. I'm semi-positive that's cheaper that I've ever gotten them at my usual store. Granted, they are a) possibly smaller and b) possibly more unripe and c) possibly on super-sale, but still.

7. In addition to watching ALL THE HOARDERS, I have been watching ALL THE SUITS. Also, reading ALL THE FIC. I mostly really really enjoy it (Banter!), but also sort of really hate some of the things they are doing. Is it really wrong of me that I really hope that***Spoiler*** )

8. Speaking of Suits fic, there is a lot of 'kinkfic', which makes sense given the dynamic we see between Harvey and Mike, so so much if it is so bad! And not in a 'throbbing manhood' way, or 'this is unreadable' way or anything like that. It is in a way where I read the fic, and then after reading the super hot porn, I am left with this slightly uncomfortable feeling, and after a little while, I realize that it is uncomfortable because that was not so much hot porn as 'sex that was kind of kinky that happened in the context of an abusive relationship', and I'm not quite sure the author realizes that is what they wrote. /o\ My kingdom for non-abusive relationship fic (kinky or otherwise)! I mean, I get that this is probably a function of it being a pretty young fandom, but yarg. Kinda super uncomfortable.

9. Speaking of nothing in particular. Project Runway! Wow. This show has gone so far downhill, I'm not even sure it is the same show. I hate a select few of the contestants this season, and I am largely indifferent to pretty much every one else, except Tim Gunn, who continues to do no wrong. I hope he is making bank off this and can soon retire to the location of his choosing with the company of his choosing, as he sees fit. Or just keep making the how, IDK. Also, I hate Michael Kors with every passing second. BE MOAR SMUG, I DARE YOU. OH WAIT. NOT. POSSIBLE. YOU ARE ALREADY 100% MADE OF SMUG AND CONDESCENDING BULLSHIT. Just. All the clothing is so incredibly dull, for the most part. I remember much more exciting things, but maybe I am just remembering Mr. Fierce himself and all of his glorious creations. And speaking as a person who has the exact wrong personality for reality TV, but why is everyone both so boring and so petty? They're all like these little cardboard cutouts who make little cardboard cut out clothing, except for the rare instance where they actually seem to be inspired and make something good. But I'm going to keep watching it. Probably so I can keep bitching about it, if only inside my own head.

10. BURN NOTICE. God you guys. This show is kind of in the slump that shows get after they've been on the air for a few seasons, but god I still love it. I love Michael's dry dry humor, and complete incompetence when it comes to actual relationships that are not based on getting a mojito/beer with someone, and I am completely content with this state of affairs. I will watch everything this ridiculous show does, forever. Also everyone should write Burn Notice xovers. And fic in general. And slash about how Michael and Sam are BFF.


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